Festa is a pocket-sized book curated by Alessandro Cucchi and dedicated to the artist Tano Festa. Twenty-five years after his death, NERO re-publishes the artist’s last interview, conducted by Aldo Ricci and originally featured in Frigidaire magazine. The book also collects new interviews and anecdotes about the life of a major protagonist of the Italian art world of the 60s and 70s. The book is a biting monologue in which all of Festa’s artistic frustrations and human frailties erupt into a cynical interpretation of the present and a prophetic vision of the future. In these short texts, the artist’s outspoken Romanness reacts to the cultural and political flatness of the Italian 80s, defining a new identity that also stands as an affirmation of delirium, of the fantastic and of that most human element that serves man to overcome his own specific and genetic conditions: that is, to overcome himself.

Format: 7,8 x 11 cm
Pages: 92
Language: Ita.
Edition of 1000 copies
Year: 2013

Texts by: Alessandro Cucchi, Tano Festa, Aldo Ricci

Published by NERO