La linea della palma

This books presents the fieldwork research produced by the participants of the programme Studio Roma of the Swiss Institute of Rome, in the spring of 2014 in Valle del Belice, Sicily. A research which does not consider the catastrophe as a univocal and linear element, but ventures onto new paths, free from pre-existing narratives.

As an attempt to question the possibility of understanding a territory by following its geography, the research participants contributed individually or collectively to the construction of a fluid body of images, sounds and texts that define a space of knowledge. Each one took position freely within the physical, historical and social context of this area, and from that position offered, intersecting personal knowledge and skills with those of others, a reading of the territory.

Format: 11 x 17,8 cm
Pages: 128
Language: Eng./Fr./Ger./Ita.
Edition of 500 copies
Year: 2014

Texts by: Annette Amberg, Niccolò Berretta, Domenico Billari, Alan Bogana, Manuel Buess Gurtner, Filippo Contarini, Toni Hildebrandt, Egijia Inzule, Tobias Kaspar, Michele Luminati, Julia Perazzini, Cédric Roduit, Valerio Scamuffa, Julien Tavelli, Benedetta Zucconi.

Published by NERO