Grand Hotel et des Palmes

Grand Hotel et des Palmes documents the project of artist Luca Trevisani for the Italian Institute of Culture in Madrid in February 2015. The works on display, in the Abrantes Palace, are objects with heterogeneous surfaces (textiles, clothing, tropical leaves, minerals) on which the artist impressed images derived from antique herbaria and design magazines. The publication is a collection of photographs of the textiles on display, of other images used by the artist for the composition of the works, and of simple visual references.

Luca Trevisani explores the dimension of transience, fragility and metamorphosis of nature, isolating the perceptive-sensorial aspect in the human cognitive and experiential process. Playing between the three-dimensionality and two-dimensionality of bodies, he analyzes the structural properties of vision and the reduction of the real into perceived forms.

The name of the project is based on the eponymous hotel in Palermo where the body of Raymond Roussel was found, French writer and playwright among the fathers of “pataphysics”, the science of imaginary constructions. Passionate defender of freedom of expression, Roussel is the symbol of the revolutionary power of the imagination, a concept present in the whole of Trevisani’s artistic research.

ISBN: 978-88-97503-56-9
Format: 10 x 16 cm
Pages: 132
Language: Eng./Spa.
Edition of 500 copies
Year: 2015

Text by: Lillo Guarneri

Published by NERO