There Is No Place Like Home

There Is No Place Like Home documents the eponymous, self-managed exhibition project that took place in Rome in an abandoned building on the Aurelia Antica in September 2014. A collective of twenty-nine artists lived in and transformed the building over the course of 72 hours. Here, between the site-specific works, there have alternated events, performances, and unexpected encounters.

Thus conceived, the artistic action emerges as a force that acts in space but, above all, in time: a site that never ceases to be under construction, a subversive act against the exhibition canons of art. Without walls and without doors, with only one supporting structure, this hybrid place remains open to any form of “meeting,” metaphor for a project that will build over time.

There is no place like home is born from the ideas of Stanislao Di Giugno, Giuseppe Pietroniro, Marco Raparelli and Alessandro Cicoria, with the collaboration of Martina Adami, Giuliana Benassi, Davide Franceschini, Valeria Giampietro and Giulia Lopalco.

The 29 participating artists are: Stefano Arienti, Simone Berti, Alessandro Cicoria, Eli Cortiñas, Stanislao Di Giugno, Loredana Di Lillo, Flavio Favelli, Stefania Galegati Shines, Vitoria Gasteiz, Daniele Genadry, Goldiechiari, Thomas Hutton, Giovanni Kronenberg, Michaela M. Langenstein, Emiliano Maggi, Matteo Nasini, Norberto & Scintilla + Antonio Grulli, Nicola Pecoraro, Alessandro Piangiamore, Federico Pietrella, Cesare Pietroiusti, Giuseppe Pietroniro, Luigi Presicce, Daniele Puppi, Marco Raparelli, Max Renkel, Andrea Salvino, Alessandro Sarra, Corrado Sassi, Vedovamazzei.

ISBN: 978-88-97503-58-3
Format: 24 x 27 cm
Pages: 84
Language: Eng./Ita.
Edition of 500 copies
Year: 2015

Published by NERO