THE STREET Times is the newspaper accompanying the project THE STREET by the Swiss artist Tobias Kaspar. Launched in June 2015 at the Swiss Institute of Rome as a response to the project Opening Out of Reality initiated in 2012 by the ISR, THE STREET is a complex dramaturgy consisting of various elements (performance, references, a newspaper, a blog) and destined to take form in diverse contexts over time.

The first act, THE STREET (Est1863), took place at Villa Maraini in Rome, and is inspired by the Broadway sets built in Cinecittà by Dante Ferretti for Gangs of New York by Martin Scorsese (shot in Rome in 2002). The eternal city, for Kaspar, is an unbroken horizon in which reality seems to be fiction and vice versa. Consequently, in the context of Villa Maraini, his project superimposed fiction and the everyday.

This ambivalence is also a vital aspect of THE STREET Times, the newspaper devoted to the project: a layout of content that oscillates between fiction and reality, along with other works by the artist, traces of his previous work and advances of other episodes of THE STREET, make up the fantastic universe of Kaspar, in a game of references and correspondences. If Marie Antoinette is located in a small article on the celebrated cup-shaped breast ceramic by Sèvres, the title of the Roman phase Est1863 recalls the riots in New York in July of that year. Indeed, the reference to the film by Scorsese overlaps, in the newspaper, with the clashes which took place in Los Angeles in the early nineties.

Year 1 No. 1 – June 2015 – Special Edition

Format: 20 x 56 cm
Pages: 8
Language: Eng.
Edition of 500 copies
Year: 2015

Published by NERO