(No) Vacancy

The project consists of recreating the atmosphere of a domestic environment in the most realistic way. The space of the gallery will be transformed by adding furniture, chairs, sofas, a small fridge, TVs and wallpaper.
The aim is not to establish a remark on the idea of a “house” or on the relation between private and public space, but to simply create a stage , a scenography for the exhibited works. The works in the show will not be chosen according to a specific topic but instead will be chosen independently and following my personal taste. The spectator should have the feeling that he is looking at works in an intimate space – private almost as if it was someone’s personal collection.
It should be an enviroment to live in where one can sit down, read, listen to music, spend time with the works.
Three weeks after the opening of the exhibition, the show will transform itself and become the container for another project. The editorial office of NERO magazine will move into the same space and will use it as its own office for the remaining two weeks of the show. During these two weeks the solo show by Nicola Pecoraro will be presented. This new show will be installed together with already existing works in the space and hence create a dialogue with them.

With: Salvatore Arancio, David Askevold, Alex Bag, Rodney Graham, Mike Kelley, Jochen Klein, Robert Longo, Olaf Nicolai, Luigi Ontani, Nicola Pecoraro, Emilio Prini, Fred Sandback, Michael Smith, John Waters

Edition of 200 copies
Year: 2008

Published by NERO