16a Quadriennale d’arte

Altri tempi, altri miti

Other times, Other myths is the catalog of the 16th Art Quadriennale – the exhibition that brings together in an in-depth and articulated manner, the artistic and cultural production of Italy after 2000 for the first time. Organized by the foundation La Quadriennale and Azienda Speciale Palexpo, the exhibition is divided into ten exhibition sections, each conceived by a different curator. In total, it includes ninety-nine artists and one hundred and fifty works.

The title Other times, Other myths is a tribute to Un weekend postmoderno. Cronache dagli anni ottanta (Bompiani, 1990) by Pier Vittorio Tondelli, a reference book for several generations offering a fragmented narrative of Italy in those years.

Published by NERO, the book reflects the structure of the exhibition, with an accurate account of the works of the artists involved and the topics covered by the various curatorial projects. A stream of color images reveals the one hundred and fifty works on display, interrupted from time to time in ten black and white sections – printed on different paper – presenting the curatorial ideas at the basis of the ten thematic exhibitions of the sixteenth Quadriennale. In fact, the curators have been given the opportunity to decide how to introduce their respective projects to the reader whether it be in the form of a short story, an essay or a multifaceted text composed of pictures and diagrams.

The main body of the catalog is introduced by a glossary collectively edited by the curators, followed by bibliographical notes on the participating artists and captions of the works in the exhibition. A photographic appendix to this catalog will be produced after the Quadriennale closes, completing the documentation with images of the installed works and performances.

The catalog is available in both English (red cover) and Italian (purple cover).

ISBN: 978-88-97503-99-6 (catalog); 978-88-97503-92-7 (appendix)
Format: 22 x 30 cm (both catalog and appedix)
Pages: 278 (catalog); 80 (appendix)
Language: Ita./Eng.
Edition of 2000 copies
Year: 2016

Published by NERO