L'almanacco dei fumetti della gleba

Twenty years after their debut on the market in the form of a self-produced fanzine and distributed in a few dozen copies, the Fumetti della Gleba have become a cult phenomenon and a benchmark in the world of Italian comics: Marguati, Berutti, Batma & Robi, Iodosan Pattuglia Spaziale, Gabonzo, Capitan Giustizia and all the other characters that populate the Gleba-world are now part of our collective imagination.
Dr. Pira, with his unique childlike, chaotic and surreal aesthetic and the wild and enlightening plots of his comics, has acquired over the years a following that does not only consist of fans of the animated strips but rather a whole generation of comic fans.
L’Almanacco dei Fumetti della Gleba brings together all the plates of the Fumetti della Gleba – much of it never appeared online – in one priceless volume, enriched with color inserts and a large section of new content, ranging from academic and critical contributions, to interviews, to cultural insights, to homages by other popular cartoonists.
Heretofore unpublished contributions include: Achille Bonito Oliva; Manuele Fior, Paolo Bacilieri e Adriano Carnevali; Federico Bernocchi; la guida raeliana Ezael De Marco; Matteo Curti; lo psichiatra Gabriele Cavaggioni; i divulgatori scientifici Simone Petralia e Gianluca Liva; bambini Nicola, Leonardo Rodan, Edo e Alessandro.

This book is available in Italian.

ISBN: 978-88-97503-75-0
Format: 17,5 x 24,5 cm.
Pages: 850
Language: Ita
Edition of 2250 copies
Year: 2016

Published by NERO