A pocket-size book dedicated to Jannis Kounellis’ involvement with theatre, in a never-before published text and a series of drawings by the prominent Arte Povera artist on the subject. Wrapped in thin wire, Kounellis is part of a series of small books edited by Alessandro Cucchi.

Here Jannis Kounellis speaks about his work within the theatre; about his radical vision from his point of view as an artist, “a person who frees things.” In this monologue, an excerpt from a conversation with Flaminia Bulla, the artist reveals his sensual relationship with dramaturgy, and the necessity he felt to aggressively attack the limits of the bourgeois play. Kounellis’ words are accompanied by a selection of drawings—both published and unpublished—from his repertoire, which are presented in the form of instinctive, blunt sketches.

Format: 7 x 11 cm.
Pages: 76
Language: Ita./Eng.
Edition of 500 copies
Year: 2017