Giuseppe Gabellone

The catalog of Giuseppe Gabellone’s first solo show in Rome. An exhibition that can be described as a sort of “dramaturgy of space” with an ephemeral character—affected by the passing of time—and that sets a new milestone in the “personal history of space” that the artist has been narrating and constructing since the 1990s.

For Gabellone in fact each work, each exhibition is conceived as an experience which generates new ideas rather than achieving an ultimate goal, so that references to past exhibitions and anticipations with those in the future become key elements to interpret his aesthetic approach. In Rome, the artist decided to consider the rooms of the Fondazione Memmo as a single undivided and open area and then proceeded by subtraction. Like a sculptor who chooses to carve rather than modeling, he sculpted the space and removed elements, until it reached a certain essentiality, and then started working with the idea of emptiness. It is as if Gabellone’s exercises upon space, his sculptures and “small dramas” add each time a new thought concerning the very meaning—a primary and fundamental meaning—of our existence within space. In this case the silent and metaphysical space of Italian art.

Conceived by Giuseppe Gabellone

Edited by Francesco Stocchi

Texts by Anna d’Amelio Carbone, Fabiana Marenghi Vaselli Bond, Francesco Garutti, Francesco Stocchi

ISBN: 978-88-8056-019-7
Format: 25 x 36 cm
Pages: 32
Language: Eng
Edition of 600
Year: 2018