The Testimony, Les Sabots, the Making of Difference, the Complete Works. Nomas Notes Series

The Testimony, Les Sabots, The Making of Difference, The Complete Works is a catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition of Nina Beier and Marie Lund held in 2009-10 at Nomas Foundation in Rome. It is edited and includes texts by the exhibition’s curators Cecilia Canziani and Ilaria Gianni.

At Nomas Foundation the films Les Sabots (2007) and the unreleased The Testimony (2009) recounted through the voices of two generations the failure of political ideals and utopia.
For The Making of Difference (2008-2009) a group of former activists met for the first time after ten years from the end of an important experience of political engagement at a table of the famous Caffè Greco, on the 12 December, at 4.30 pm.
Finally, MACRO Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma hosted Nina Beier’s The Complete Works (2009), in which a dancer in an advanced stage of her career repeats by memory the choreographies and the movements that she interpreted during her life.
The dispersed and forgotten fragments of a personal as well as of a collective story are retraced and patiently reconfigured by the artists, in the attempt to recollect memories and critically rethink our relation with the real and with the present times.

ISBN: 978-88-902202-8-9
Format: 16 x 22,5 cm
Pages: 48
Edition of 800 copies
Year: 2009

Published by NERO