Nicht Versöhnt Oder Es Hilft Nur Gewalt Wo Gewalt Herrscht

Nicht Versöhnt Oder Es Hilft Nur Gewalt Wo Gewalt Herrscht by Andrea Salvino is an artist’s book that lies at the center – both conceptually and formally – of an omonymous exhibition realized by the artist at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin – October 26 / January 8, 2011.
The volume consists of an extensive collection of historical images, film stills, crime scene photos, pictures of Nazi Germany, erotica, dead bodies, and various random reproductions, which alternate alongside the artist’s own drawings in ballpoint pen, pencil or charcoal.
Nicht Versöhnt Oder Es Hilft Nur Gewalt Wo Gewalt Herrschtmay be regarded as the personal treasure chest of Salvino as collector. The book appears like an imprudent disclosure of the intellectual and visual connections at the basis of the artist’s creative process. In certain cases, the revelation is made evident in the side-by-side placement of the originaldrawings and the found images. In other instances, the web of interconnections emerges as an invisible and convoluted plot involving studies, research, biographical circumstances and free association. Through the medium of the book, Andrea Salvino turns himself into a curator, filtering his own imaginary and overcoming the solidity of the work (the painting).
Nicht versöhnt oder Es hilt nur Gewalt wo Gewalt herrscht is printed in a limited edition of 1000 copies, accompanied by an edition of 15 multiples each containing an original hand-drawn image by the artist on one of the pages of the book.

Nicht versöhnt oder Es hilft nur Gewalt wo Gewalt herrscht is published by Nero with the support of the Antonio Colombo Gallery.

ISBN: 978-88-97503-09-5
Format: 16,5 x 23 cm
Pages: 256
Edition of 1,000 copies
Year: 2011

Published by NERO