Roma is a limited edition of 200 signed and numbered vinyl records by the artist Giorgio Andreotta Calò. The 40-minute LP is related to the sound installation of the same name produced in Ponte della Musica (The Music Bridge), Rome, on the occasion of Temporaneo, a public art project that took place in October 2011. The record consists of music by Adrian Bilteanu, a Roman street musician who plays his violin in the evenings between Piazza Navona and the Trevi Fountain. Giorgio Andreotta Calò met Adrian while he was working on the sound installation on the bridge. Adrian’s music and his life are opposite sides of the same medal, much like the bridge itself, with its top, where people walk, and the bottom, which is hidden and dusty. Calò has attempted, through the sound installation—of which this vinyl is the only trace—to create an ideal vertical line which runs perpendicular to the horizontal axis of the bridge, and was thus able to connect the continuously opposing, denying, and overturning polarities: Adrian plays under the bridge, he moves with his violin among the ravines of the bridge basement, through the puddles and the clay, while the audience can only listen to the music from the top.

Vinyl: LP
Duration: 40’
Booklet Format: 31 x 31 cm
Pages: 4
Year: 2012

Published by NERO in collaboration with Nomas Foundation, Rome, and Galleria ZERO.., Milan.