documenta 1955-2012. The Endless Story of Two Lovers

This publication contains a selection of 60 photographs from the documenta archive, one of the oldest and most esteemed exhibition of contemporary art in the world. The photographs — belonging to different ages — depict the two elements that make art history possible: the artwork and the spectator. This amazing journey through time not only concerns the history of one of the most important exhibitions in the world, but also traces the evolution, customs, and traditions of the society that created it.

The book portrays a love story between two subjects — a human being and an inanimate element — that are capable of a relationship even if they speak a different language. The photographs capture the moment of these encounters, and this is what their distinctive feature consists in. Of course we are not able to listen to the dialogues, but we can still imagine them.

ISBN: 978-88-97503-15-6
Format: 21 x 28 cm
Pages: 60
Language: Eng.
Edition of 200 copies
Year: 2012

Published by NERO