the sparrow is immortal money is piss

This volume forms part of a broader project of the same name, which includes two other publications as well as a video inspired by Victor Cavallo’s treatment film – francesco puzzilli (vivente) and by the artist’s own longstanding research into the intellectual legacy of Pier Paolo Pasolini in Italy’s contemporary cultural landscape. In this first volume, Michele Manfellotto sets up an intellectual and sentimental confrontation between Cavallo’s poetics and his own. The fundamental themes of film – francesco puzzilli (vivente) are freely rendered, by equivalence, through a sequence of the artist’s own cultural references, abstracted from their original context and recombined in a cut-up style. With no pretence to continuity, this literary and visual material delineates the intimate narrative of a particular historical moment; its private version, evoked by way of figures significant to the author. Fragments of narrative (by Parise, Junger, D’Agata, Hoffmannsthal, Campana and above all Belli) and archival images of diverse provenance (magazines, comic books, found photos) follow one another in an original composition that traces the diffusion of mass culture in Italy, translating it with a contemporary poetic inflection. Traces of the pre-industrial world (the myths of the formation of Western humanity, but also the postwar period in an Italy still largely rural) collide with reproduced memories (Marvel superheroes in their first Italian versions, as published by Corno; once again the cinema), engendering a discourse that flows freely between history and culture. Literary and visual data are treated above all in the light of their reproducibility – a reproducibility that enables the private possession of culture in the form of copy and thus its assimilation into one’s own emotional patrimony.

Format: 17,5 x 25 cm
Pages: 48
Language: Ita.
Edition of 300 copies
Year: 2012

Published by NERO