Netmage 11


International Live-Media festival
January 20/21/22, 2011 Palazzo Re Enzo – Bologna

What remains, after a decade exploring the unique constellations, the thickening and blending of the geography of sounds and moving images; after wandering through the wakes of performativity, following ancient procedures of a floating audiovisual region in the edges of systems and disciplines?

This is the direct question of this new edition of Netmage, as part of an indirect and continuing research in the field of live media. After a decade of exploration it is the time to verify the evolutions and reactions, the revolutions and delays of sounds and moving images in the age of web culture. This is the reason why the program of Netmage 11 combines, without prejudices and surmounting disciplines, the old tradition of expanded cinema and the new expression of digital images, the evolution of sounds from the minimal experimentations of digital music at the turn of the millennium to the explosion of noise of the last years.  This is also the reason why we consider Netmage, in its turn a hybrid exhibition/program that questions itself, urges and entertains as well, one of the most interesting festivals in the european panorama.

Here are some excerpts from the program: