Premio Selezione – Italian Cultural Institute New York – 2011 Edition Winners: Nicola Pecoraro – Riccardo Previdi

pecoraro1 previdi1

November 4 – November 28, 2011
Opening night: 3 November 2011 – 5.30 pm
Italian Cultural Institute New York, 686 Park Avenue New York

Exhibitions curated by Laura Barreca

NERO is pleased to be part of the first edition of the “Premio Selezione Italian Cultural Institute New York 2011”. The first edition of the Premio will showcase projects by Nicola Pecoraro and Riccardo Previdi. The two awarded artists, among the most promising talents in young Italian art, will exhibit a body of work created specifically for the Premio competition, using multiple languages (video, photography, installations). Two artist books, published by Nero, complement the exhibition. Such books are collections of thoughts, projects, tests and photographs – an image-based itinerary of sorts, which describes the intuitive, process-focused nature of both research projects, from their conception to their implementation. Both publications are meant to be a tool to disseminate the artist’s project beyond the exhibition itself. In this exhibition, the relationship established with the work and ideas behind the work of Robert Smithson (for Pecoraro) and Buckminster Fuller (for Previdi) tell a story of “intellectual familiarity”, which becomes the first true work of art in the exhibit itinerary conceived for the New York exhibition.


Nicht versöhnt oder Es hilft nur Gewalt wo Gewalt herrscht – Non riconciliati o solo violenza aiuta dove violenza regna by Andrea Salvino


book launch
Wednesday 26th of October h.19.00 pm
Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo - Via Modane, 16 – Turin

Nicht versöhnt oder Es hilft nur Gewalt wo Gewalt herrscht – Non riconciliati o solo violenza aiuta dove violenza regna (Engl. Not Reconciled or Only Violence Helps Where Violence Rules) by Andrea Salvino is an artist’s book that lies at the center – both conceptually and formally – of a homonymous exhibition realized by the artist at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin – October 26 / January 8, 2011.

The volume consists of an extensive collection of historical images, film stills, crime scene photos, pictures of Nazi Germany, erotica, dead bodies, and various random reproductions, which alternate alongside the artist’s own drawings in ballpoint pen, pencil or charcoal. “This book doesn’t narrate anything and there’s nothing to understand. It’s so transparent that it reminds me of the Alighiero&Boetti piece, Niente da vedere nulla da nascondere (Nothing to See Nothing to Hide). Here, there’s things to see and definitely nothing to hide,” writes Andrea Salvino.

The prophetic disappearance of the image augured by Boetti echoes throughout these pages, by way of an obsessive collection of nothing other than images, ordered according to no guiding theme, no plot, no beginning and no end.

Nicht versöhnt oder Es hilft nur Gewalt wo Gewalt herrscht may be regarded as the personal treasure chest of Salvino as collector. The book appears like an imprudent disclosure of the intellectual and visual connections at the basis of the artist’s creative process. In certain cases, the revelation is made evident in the side-by-side placement of the original drawings and the found images. In other instances, the web of interconnections emerges as an invisible and convoluted plot involving studies, research, biographical circumstances and free association.


Nero at First Issue Self-Publishing Book Fair for Design and Art


October 14-14, 2011
basis e.V., Gutleutstraße 8–12, Frankfurt am Main

This weekend Nero will be part of First Issue – Self-Publishing Book Fair for Design and Art, a new event focused on art publishing that will open in Frankfurt in conjunction with the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Now, after App Store and E-Book, we are returning to print. Parallel to the Frankfurt Book Fair, young designers, artists and authors will display printed publications and artfully crafted collectibles which are created, published and sold by themselves. Pioneers of the self-publishing scene from all over Europe will speak at the conference.

Dead or alive? Few other branches predict their own demise as often as the book industry. Yet despite the pessimistic “book-is-dead” lament of many experts, countless new books are again being published this year. Now, parallel to the Frankfurt Book Fair, First Issue is being launched that shows that young designers and artists are again intensely involved in printing and paper.


Spangbergianism – Book Launch


October 8, 2011 – h 7.30 pm
Raum – Via Ca’ Selvatica 4/ d Bologna

Fellow Travelers,
I don’t ask you for anything. I’m not sending you an application. This has nothing to do with asking for permission. This is definitely not an invitation, nothing of the kind. Why be modest, ask politely. Reasonable not at any point, but especially under these circumstances when there are big things going down and the shop might just close in front of our noses. Art ladies and gentlemen don’t ask for authorization. Don’t wait for approval, it goes a head and forgets to look behind.
Artistic practices – except for rock ‘n roll which also has turned into a pale copy of it’s real self – has over the last decade developed into a well-mannered, sympathetic, supportive, subsidy-friendly sauce of instrumentalized invitations with something for everybody, yet hoping that next year or at least soon artistic autonomy will be resurrected [and who the hell wants autonomy in the first place. It’s like going to nudist beach to check out tits and ass]. It’s just a matter of riding out the bad times as if art was like crop; after a few bad years it will come back. Pas de tout zat is not gonna happen, and mind you the more benevolent, christian and available we are the more shit will come our direction. The moment you say yes and consider doing the same – just a little smaller – for a lot less resources the happier cultural policy will be. So fuck that – this is not an invitation. What you have in front of you is a command, it’s an instruction that offers no alternatives – it’s like worse than “fasten your seatbelts” with Bulgarian flight stewardesses – it’s so not up for negotiation, it’s a freaking order.
Get your are sorry ass to RAUM/XING on the 8th of October and pick up your copy of SPANGBERGIANISM – and read it without interruption all the way to the last page. If not we know where you live and we have just lost our appetite for Mr Nice.
Spangbergianism is a book that doesn’t apologize for nothing, it’s a book written out of despair, with no other desire than change – and fuckin fast. It’s a book that has no smaller ambitions than to change the world [permanently] and to find a way out of our present artistic predicament and when we are anyways at it out of capitalism all together. And mind you it’s totally funny on the way – [I know I wrote it.]
I say this only once: This is not an invitation, it’s an order not only to get out of the house and pick up the book but also to start the struggle against well-meaning, I’m-available and super flexible art. It’s a command to join the fight against opportunism and endless concession and it is a cry for help. Like you, I’m alone but trust me my support is unconditional. Side by side. We take no prisoners. We show no remorse. We fight until the end. No fuck that – we fight even longer.
(Mårten Spångberg)

NERO at the New York Art Book Fair


September 30 – October 2, 2011
Preview: Thursday, Sept. 29, 6–9 p.m.
MoMA PS1 - 22-25 Jackson Avenue at 46th Avenue – NY

NERO is pleased to be part of the sixth annual New York Art Book Fair. In this occasion we will present new artists’ books, new editions, and recent publications. Please join us at our booth T11, 3rd floor.

Free and open to the public, and featuring more than 200 exhibitors, the NY Art Book Fair is the world’s premier event for artists’ books, contemporary art catalogs and monographs, art periodicals, and artist zines. Exhibitors include international presses, booksellers, antiquarian dealers, artists and independent publishers from twenty-one countries.

Philip Aarons, Chair of the Board for Printed Matter, Inc., said: “The NY Art Book Fair remains the premier venue to find what’s new in art publishing. This year’s focus on artists’ photography books, and the addition of more than 60 zinesters in an outdoor tent, will make this year’s edition of the Fair the best so far.”


Wonders of the Volcano by Salvatore Arancio


Saturday 24th of September h.1.00 pm
Federica Schiavo Gallery –  Piazza Montevecchio 16 – Rome

Wonders of the Volcano is the first artist’s book by Salvatore Arancio, published by NERO in collaboration with Federica Schiavo Gallery.

Wonders of the Volcano is a faithful reconstruction of a Victorian era book that is part of Arancio’s own collection and the source of some of his etchings. The original volume, printed in London presumably in the second half of the 19th century, was written by Ascott R. Hope and comprises 11 original illustrations in black and white.

Salvatore Arancio has re-elaborated the book’s original images, altering their scientific and documentary function, and added 8 plates to the final section of the volume. The text from the first edition has instead been reprinted in its entirety, and the book’s material and typographic characteristics are identical to the original.

The volume by Ascott R. Hope is an impassioned piece of research into the naturalistic wonders of volcanoes and of the geo-telluric phenomena related to them. The inexact geology of the late 19th century mixes here with landscape descriptions so ingenuous that they transform the underlying romanticism into loose and enthusiastic popular adventure literature. The most impressive natural phenomena – registered at that time not only in Italy, but also throughout Europe, South America, in the Indian east and across the entire Mediterranean basin – are described with all the imprecision of a vague science. In this book, the inductive method overlaps with the deductive, making space for oral testimonies, fairytales and superstitions, all philologically inventoried.

It is not by chance that Salvatore Arancio has chosen to work within a context that is “science-fictional” avant la lettre.  The ambiguous alterations that the artist has brought to the original images do not merely evidence the book’s original nature, but, decontextualizing it, reinvent an inexistent past that oscillates between mythology and fantasy.