September, 9 – 12, 2011
different venues, Milan

Vernixage, a new film series dedicated to the intersection of film with video art, will be presented into the Milano Film Festival. The latter is gaining importance thanks to more and more video artists using a more formal narrative voice and structure that moves closer to that used in films.

In the last few years, thanks to advancements in technology and the lowered costs of film equipment, the gap between big-budget productions and independent ones has slowly been bridged.

The aim of Milano Film Festival is to provide an audience to these forms of expression and an opportunity to think about possible developments in this genre of film. By gathering filmmakers and screening artists works Vernixage, curated by Davide Giannella, hopes to generate new fields of research and investigation.

Among the others artists (Alterazioni Video, Yuri Ancarani, Francesco Fei, Lech Majewsk, Nathaniel Mellors, Marinella Senatore) Armin Linke will show his new film “Alps”. According to the words of the author:

“Alpi is the result of seven years of research on contemporary perceptions of the landscape of the Alps, juxtaposing places and situations across all eight bordering nations and spanning the territories of four languages. In the film, the Alps are encountered like an island that is connected to various global transformations. We undertook many journeys in the alpine region, which, ironically, led us as far as Dubai. The film shows the Alps as a key location, owing to its delicacy and environmental importance, where one can observe and study the complexity of social, economic, and political relationships. In the Europe of today, the Alps are a hotbed for modernity and its illusions.”


Saluti da Roma

Nero presenta, in collaborazione con / in collaboration with Hot Desking – Manifesta 7:



Mercoledì 8 Ottobre / Wednesday October 8
h 19.00 @ BAR PERU’ – Via di Monserrato 46/47 – Roma


Saluti da Roma è una pubblicazione commissionata da Hot Desking – Manifesta 7 e ideata da Nero.
Saluti da Roma is a publication commissioned by Hot Desking – Manifesta 7 and conceived by Nero.


Saluti da Roma è una piccola guida, sotto forma di cartoline, che raccoglie immagini e ricordi di artisti, musicisti e scrittori.
Saluti da Roma is a small guide of Rome that collects images and memories of the city by artists, musicians and writers, presented in a postcard booklet format.


Con / With: Valerio Bindi – Carola Bonfili – Stefano Chiodi – Bruno Dorella – Tim Davis – Il Duka – Stefania Galegati – Jean-Baptiste Ganne – Massimo Grimaldi – Pablo Leon De La Barra – Teresa Macrì – Carsten Nicolai – Olaf Nicolai – Nicola Pecoraro – Cesare Pietroiusti – Moira Ricci – Andrea Salvino – Alexandre Singh – Vincenzo Sparagna – Luca Vitone

Special Guest: Extacy