September 13 – October 22, 2011
Galleria S.A.L.E.S – via dei querceti, 4/5 – Rome

The exhibition The Great Tidal Wave Played a Final Tune on this Piano by Euan Macdonald was launched at Galleria S.A.L.E.S in Rome yesterday. The spectators are not only invited to be captivated by the visual stimulus. Euan Maconald draws attention to the historical significance, thus consequence, of sound. When two senses are moved simultaneously, the viewer is intuitively invited to reflect on the importance of visual and oral interplay.

“To crudely paraphrase traditional information theory, noise is an interference or error in the transmission of a message…..beginning as a kind of music video that highlights the piano’s capacity to produce industrial grade noise through a maddening, repetitive, mindless, arrhythmic and atonal pounding of its keys, it ultimately leads us to reflect on the intimate relationships between information and noise, order and disorder, on which the novelty of art depends.” Ralph Rugoff, Director of the Hayward Gallery, in his essay “Responsiveness Testing.” from Macdonald’s book 9,000 Pieces published by YBCA in San Francisco. Available at Galleria S.A.L.E.S.

The exhibition title The Great Tidal Wave Played a Final Tune On This Piano, comes from a message that was written on an old photo-postcard of an abandoned piano that was washed up on a Hawaiian beach by a tidal wave in 1946.
Throughout this exhibition Macdonald explores how noise becomes evident as different forms of interruptions of signals and messages.
The exhibition  involves early messaging systems such as postcards as well as other types of organizational structures such as language, as well as musical notation, the system used to represent the aurally perceived music.
In this case, Macdonald attempts to use musical notation to represent and organize the noise from a factory piano testing machine featured in his video 9,000 Pieces.

Dirty Armada


Dirty Armada is a book about a lifelong passion edited by Claudio Roccehtti (musician, performer). It’s a collection of Italian metal bands’ logos, that Rocchetti has been gathering since he was 12 years old and which is still expanding. It’s a book full of pure beauty and metal thrill, a visual study of decades of true underground. The book includes two essays by Marcello Crescenzi and Ezio Sabbotigh that lead the readers into the memories of that period and give a name to the people that helped to create that metal imagery. At the end of the post you can read an excerpt from Marcello Crescenzi’s essay.

The book will be out the 1st October 2011. From here you can preorder Dirty Armada at the discounted price of 14€ instead of 18€ (just until the 25th of September).


Maxximalism – Closing Event – Polmo Polpo

July 21 – h. 8.30 pm
MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolovia Guido Reni, 4 A – Rome
Free entrance

A Canadian musician and producer, Sandro Perri is best known under the pseudonym Polmo Polpo with which he has generated a new and personal approach to experimental electronic sounds, developing an organic, abstract and pulsing music, in which basslines, drones, field recordings, acoustic instruments and hypnotic rhythms coexist.
For MAXXIMALISM he will be presenting a live set conceived for the occasion and in which his two principal artistic faces – that of the singer and songwriter (Sandro Perri) and that of the experimental musician (Polmo Polpo) – alternate and dialogue.

Maxximalism – Nettle in concert

Thursday 7 July, 20.30
MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolovia Guido Reni, 4 A – Rome

Jace Clayton alias DJ/rupture is a versatile and fearless musician like few others; while his sound may be entertaining it is always charged with political connotations; his sets mix hit parade pop songs with folk rarities and unknown ethnic beats, with a particular emphasis on North African and Middle Eastern music. For MAXXIMALISM, DJ/rupture will be performing with the Nettle project that combine rhythmic sampling and chamber instruments such as the violin and cello with atmospheric and original results.

Final appointment of Maxximalism Thursday 21 July, 20.30 Sandro Perri / Polmo Polpo

The Conversation


July 06, 2011
Riccardo Crespi Galleryvia mellerio, 1, Milan

This evening NERO is pleased to announce the launch of The Conversation, an edition by Francesca Grilli, at Riccardo Crespi Gallery.

The edition consists of a one-sided vinyl, including a track written by the artist herself for the performance interpreted by a deaf man who reprocesses the music detected only through vibrations using the italian sign language. The edition includes also texts by Cesare Pietroiusti and Caterina Riva plus a poster 62 x 88 cm.  The conversation is a limited artist’s edition, published by NERO in conjunction with the project The Conversation / La Conversazione by Francesca Grilli, developed by the artist for the Nuove Arti Award at MAMBO – Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna.


MAXXIMALISM – Summer Music Shows at MAXXI


Encouraged by the success of 2010, MAXXI – the first national museum of contemporary art in Italy – is continuing with its programme of musical performances MAXXIMALISM, curated by NERO. The programme staged in the museum’s external spaces that have been transformed into a garden of green islands thanks to the stARTT studio’s WHATAMI project, winner of the YAP MAXXI 2011 competition.

This year too, the underlying theme of the musical programme attempts to draw attention to a historical trend that in recent years has established itself as an alternative to the neo-minimalist tendencies of the 1990s and the early 2000s. A trend that in its diverse forms we could define as “maximalist” and which embraces traditional, ethnic and pop influences as well as contaminations associated with the field of contemporary visual arts.

The first diary date will be the concert of Momus, known for his ascetic and in his own sensual style, Momus’ largely autobiographical lyrics are frequently impregnated with a dark humour and describe a fantastical universe in a refined and sophisticated manner. His performances revive the singer-songwriter tradition of the storyteller.