Shinique Smith – To the Ocean of Everyone Else


November 10 – December 22, 2011
Brand New Gallery – via Farini 32 – Milan

Brand New Gallery presents To the Ocean of Everyone Else, the first Italian exhibition by the American artist Shinique Smith. Reaching beyond the confines of sculpture, painting and site-specific installation, Shinique Smith’s works combine complex social and cultural references drawn from a vast range of resources from art history to urban life.  Graffiti, Japanese calligraphy, abstract expressionism and minimalist sculpture are but some of the cross-references we can perceive in the artist’s work.  Without preparatory sketches or preconceived compositions, Smith sees each one of her paintings as an act of “frenetic meditation” in which, through fluid movements, she allows her hand to lead, guide and outline calligraphic gestures which dance across the canvas.


Beyond the Fragile Geometry of Sculpture


October 22 – December 11, 2011
De Vleeshal - Postbus 201 – Middelburg

curated by Lorenzo Benedetti

In recent years sculpture seems to be more and more at the centre of a series of researches that a new generation of artists has undertaken. The exhibition Beyond the Fragile Geometry of Sculpture tries to highlight some of these views such as, for example, the relationship between image and sculpture, in which we can see how the physical dimension of the piece is contrasted with the illusionistic dimension of the image. Through sculpture, a part of the new generation of artists is confronting the physical, material, and spatial dimensions with a post-conceptual stance. The exalted ecstasy of a technological aesthetic is put into question by David Jablonowski, who through his sculptures highlights the permanent obsolete character of technology while art seems to be heading in the opposite direction. This almost post-technological aesthetic, in which an aesthetic form seems to display a contemporary exposition, is present in its most existential dimension in the works by the duo Astali/Peirce, in which a polyurethane floor seems to have eliminated its icon through a strong material transformation. (more…)